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"Baby Shark" originated as a campfire song or chant. The original song dates back to at least the 20th century,[5] potentially created by camp counselors inspired by the movie Jaws.[6][7] In the chant, each member of a family of sharks is introduced, with campers using their hands to imitate the sharks' jaws. Different versions of the song have the sharks hunting fish, eating a sailor, or killing people who then go to heaven.[8]

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The song starts with bars from Antonín Dvořák's Symphony No. 9 to which music from the film Jaws sounds similar. The song features a family of sharks which hunt a school of fish which escape to safety.[23] It became a viral video in Indonesia in 2017, and throughout the year it spread to many other Asian countries, particularly those in Southeast Asia. The related mobile app was among the top 10 most downloaded in the family apps category in South Korea, Bangladesh, Singapore, Hong Kong and Indonesia in 2017.[citation needed]


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