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Utah Dad Confronts Kidnapper, Saves 5-Year-Old Daughter

Mark is awoken by Terra crying, and he goes to care for her. They spend a lot of time together, with Mark doing fatherly things like feeding her, getting thrown up on, playing with her, and reading to her. Mark tells him how much he cares for her, and that she is the best thing that has ever happened to him. He also tells her that if she comes home drunk, or destroys their vehicle that he will scold her, because that's his job. Eve wakes up to see Mark and Terra having some father-daughter time. Mark suggests they go out to eat and see the world. While walking in the park they see a young alien girl trying to get her "cotha" out of a tree. Mark saves the cotha, and the girl eats it alive. Mark tells himself and Eve that it's an alien planet, and Eve says that it won't let them forget. Mark hopes that Thragg got sucked into a black hole, unknowing of Thragg's actual condition.[113]

Utah Dad Confronts Kidnapper, Saves 5-Year-Old Daughter


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