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Holly Slept Over HOT!

Parents need to know that Holly Slept Over, a dramedy, focuses on a group of adults seen through a lens of their sexual behavior and evolving values. The appearance of one woman's college roommate for an overnight visit sparks events that change the core relationship of the central couple and affect their best friends as well. Sex drives the story. Sexual activity (both heterosexual and same-sex) includes kissing and passionate embracing, undressing, and extended foreplay; the only nudity is a shadowy shot of a woman jumping into a swimming pool. Language throughout is raunchy ("bang her," "d--k," "p---y," "jerking off"), with lots of swearing ("f--k," "s--t," "a--hole"). Characters discuss same-sex liaisons, "threesomes," masturbation, sexual positions, and drug use (cocaine, heroin). Adults drink wine and beer in multiple scenes. They eat "edibles" (marijuana) and get stoned.

Holly Slept Over

Noel (Josh Lawson) and Audra (Britt Lower) are trying to get pregnant in HOLLY SLEPT OVER. Sex, or the lack thereof, is a problem for Pete (Ron Livingston) and Marnie (Erinn Hayes), Noel's and Audra's best friends. The issues that seem to come with these longstanding relationships are openly discussed, though not always with complete candor. When Audra's college roommate, Holly (Nathalie Emmanuel), decides to visit her old friend after a long absence, everything changes. Old secrets are exposed. Unresolved relationships are reexamined. Lovers revisit and even reconstruct their bonds. And, with a flourish, fantasies wait in the wings to make their entrances.

This mature comedy-drama wants to be insightful, relatable, and, most of all, contemporary. When it succeeds, it's engaging and funny. First-time feature director Joshua Friedlander, working from his own script, has assembled a wonderful cast. The three lead actors are sincere and seem to carry off complex emotional moments effortlessly. The direction and writing, particularly of scenes that need both grace and comedy, is solid. When the movie stumbles, it's because there's a reliance on stereotypes and over-the-top vulgarity. Holly Slept Over may find a niche audience, whomever Friedlander hopes that will be. It's definitely not for kids.

"It's not about Holly! This is about us." Sony has released an official trailer for a quirky, funky comedy titled Holly Slept Over, which is premiering straight-to-VOD in early March coming up. This is one of those fantasies-yet-reality films about a husband who learns that his wife once slept with her college roommate. The story also explores their relationship struggles while trying to conceive, their friends who have lost their spark, and the tension that ensues when an old college roommate stays over for the weekend. Starring Josh Lawson, Nathalie Emmanuel, Britt Lower, Erinn Hayes, and Ron Livingston. This comedy looks a bit better than average, but still plenty cheesy, plus we've seen plenty of stories like this before. Take a look.

This unconventional comedy follows the relationship struggles of a married couple trying to conceive, their friends who have lost their spark, and the tension that ensues when an old college roommate stays over for the weekend.

I'm not really sure what else you'd be looking for in a "rom-com" but this checks all the boxes for me. I'd never heard of it and therefore had no expectations which probably enhanced the overall experience because I really enjoyed it.

Hey everyone, Holly is coming over for the weekend, plan on a sleepover. Yes, sort of the plot point of the film. A married couple with a lack of spark in their love lives, but Holly might be able to change it, for the good or bad.

  • Tropes: Coming-Out Story: Audra at first claims her relationship with Holly was just a college experiment. Later she admits she'd been in love with Holly though, but doesn't use labels for her sexual orientation.

  • A Date with Rosie Palms: Played for Drama. Marnie comes over to speak with Audra, enraged over her husband Pete masturbating onto her face (without asking).

  • Experimented in College: Audrey tells Noel she had a fling with Holly in college. Though she says it was an experiment for her, it turns out she'd fallen in love with Holly.

  • Girl on Girl Is Hot: Pete and Noel are turned on after learning Audra had been involved with Holly. This leads Pete to suggest Noel have a threesome with them, which they agree on.

  • I Am Very British: Holly, who's English, speaks with an upper class accent.

  • Law of Inverse Fertility: Audra and Noel have been trying to get pregnant for a year without success.

  • Lipstick Lesbian: Downplayed, but Holly is a demure, long-haired woman who always dresses in clothes which show off her good looks. She's bisexual however, having a threesome with Audra, her ex-girlfriend, and Audra's husband Noel. Audra herself is more average than anything, and doesn't use labels.

  • Minimalist Cast: There are only five cast members, three main and two supporting (who appear in a couple scenes).

  • Ms. Fanservice: Holly is a gorgeous woman who's unabashed in her sexuality, casually stripping off to swim naked in the pool and wearing a shirt without any bra under it, which shows her nipples.

  • Old Flame: Holly was Audra's college roommate and girlfriend, who contacts her many years later to visit. Audra's husband Noel is instantly attracted to her. Audra remains attracted to Holly, and they have a threesome together.

  • Really Gets Around: Holly is unashamedly promiscuous (Audra broke up with her because she cheated), having had sex with many men and women. After Noel proposes she have a threesome with him and Audra, Holly easily agrees.

  • Sexy Discretion Shot: The scene fades out when Audra, Noel and Holly take off their underwear, the latter both reaching toward his dick. Afterward they're shown in the bedroom together after clearly having had sex.

  • Skinny Dipping: Holly strips and is briefly seen naked before jumping in the pool.

  • Threeway Sex: Noel proposes this between Audra, Holly and himself after Pete suggests the idea. They agree, having sex offscreen with him and each other. He gets jealous though after they start kissing when he's not involved.

  • Twofer Token Minority: Holly is a black bisexual Englishwoman. The rest of the cast are white Americans, and mostly straight as well.

  • Vapor Wear: Holly wears a shirt with no bra underneath for a while which clearly shows her nipples.

Holly Slept Over (2020) is a romantic comedy about a couple trying to have a baby whose new baby-making routine gets disrupted when an old college roommate played by Nathalie Emmanuel crashes at their place for the weekend. Nathalie plays Holly and does it beautifully when she sleeps over and sleeps with her old roommate Britt Lower when they have a threesome with Britt's husband. It's clear that even though the two babes get down to their bras and panties alongside this man that they might be horniest for each other. When Holly (Nathalie) sleeps over, you might be tempted to sleep with her!

Last week I said I\u2019d write more about the premiere of Jon\u2019s American Symphony at Carnegie Hall, so that\u2019s where I\u2019ll pick up. I went with my family and two of my beloveds\u2014my two Lizzies. They came over early and we got dressed together; I wore a beautiful silk dress that my sweet friend Behida Doli\u0107 made me, as well as a turban she gave me for my birthday.

We were all excited about the occasion, and the giddy atmosphere was only heightened by everyone oohing and aahing over my weird little wolf pack, River and Maude. (Sidebar\u2014thank you to everyone who helped spread the word about Maude and applied to adopt her. She\u2019s found a wonderful home in Queens; she\u2019s heading there tomorrow.) Before we left, we stopped to snap this photo on the stoop. Energetically we were going for \u201Cthe family in Succession on the way to the board meeting.\u201D

The symphony itself\u2014it was an utter joy, start to finish. We were in a private balcony, I had my loved ones gathered around me, and as we waited for the show to start, I was so so happy. Then Jon came out in an electric blue velvet suit, and the crowd gave an immediate standing ovation. I clasped hands with Liz G, and we both started crying. Through the next two hours, as Jon bounced around the stage, quasi-conducting and dancing and dazzling on the piano, as the orchestra played a whirlwind of every strain of American music, from indigenous to classical to folk and jazz, I felt that same swell of joy and love and pride over and over again.

I was watching The Handmaid\u2019s Tale, tearing through five seasons in five days\u2014though honestly I slept through most of it. Eventually I started feeling an overwhelming apathy, and at some point, I woke up and said to Jon, \u201CI can\u2019t keep doing this.\u201D Because I know that there is a line\u2014between enjoying a couple of days curled up under a comforter with my dogs, immersed in a show, having my sweet mom taking care of me, and falling into a rut that\u2019s impossible to get out of.

Today, I am over nine months sober. I\u2019m no longer engaged and happily living at home in Pasadena, California. Allowing myself to feel the discomfort of the familiar led to enormous, life-altering, and life-preserving change. I\u2019m thankful that I believed that I could try something new, that I deserved more\u2014better. Even though I couldn\u2019t see what was ahead, my life has grown beyond my wildest dreams because I chose myself, because I chose change.

Scrooge went to bed again, and thought, and thought, and thought it over and over, and could make nothing of it. The more he thought, the more perplexed he was; and, the more he endeavoured not to think, the more he thought.

They left the high-road by a well-remembered lane and soon approached a mansion of dull red brick, with a little weathercock surmounted cupola on the roof, and a bell hanging in it. It was a large house, but one of broken fortunes; for the spacious offices were little used, their walls were damp and mossy, their windows broken, and their gates decayed. Fowls clucked and strutted in the stables; and the coach-houses and sheds were overrun with grass. Nor was it more retentive of its ancient state within; for, entering the dreary hall, and glancing through the open doors of many rooms, they found them poorly furnished, cold, and vast. There was an earthy savour in the air, a chilly bareness in the place, which associated itself somehow with too much getting up by candle light and not too much to eat. 041b061a72


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