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And I thought that's right. So I've had to slap myself a couple times when I've gotten pretty discouraged. And the homies are all, you know, it's a Frank Capra movie. They're all, you know, we'll put on a show and charge admission. They're they go down to Alvera Street and ask for donations, and then they have a Polaroid camera. They say take a picture with a real, live cholo, one of the guys says, you know.

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I even was going to tattoo my whole face up, but I didn't do it. And then I woke up the other day and I said I have to thank G for all he's ever done for me, but especially for having laid me off. And he looked at me and he says because it woke my ass up proper. And he sort of decided. And so he enrolled at Trade Tech and wants to study psychology so he can become a counselor. Well, he was shot in the head last night.

But the other thing is you have a lighter grasp on life, which is what you want to have, you know and you want to be able to delight in stuff. You know, the other day, Diane Keaton came to Homegirl Cafe, and - the Oscar-winning actress and movie star - and she came with a regular and she had never been there before. And the place is packed at lunch, you know and it's really gourmet, quite good food. And her waitress was a woman named Glenda. And Glenda's been there, done that, been to prison, gang member, tattoos - she does not know who Diane Keaton is. So she's taking her order and Diane Keaton says well, what do you recommend? And so Glenda says this, this and this, and she rattles off her favorites. And Diane Keaton says well, I'll have that. Then something dawns on Glenda. She looks at Diane Keaton and she says, wait a minute. Where do I know you from? You look so familiar to me. I feel like we've met before. And Diane Keaton sort of deflects it and humbly says, oh gosh, I don't know, I suppose I have one of those faces that people think they've seen before. And Glenda goes, no now I know. We were locked up together.

Father BOYLE: Well, it just took my breath away. And I sat back when somebody told me this and I thought, you know, I wouldn't trade my life for anybody's. And part of having a light grasp is to sort of keep your eyes open and listen more carefully, because in the end, you know, it's not just about going to the hospital right now to see Omar. It's about people being comfortable in their own home sweet home, in their own skin, you know? And people delighting in each other and people discovering each other and the kinship of this a felony-ridden homegirl meeting this movie star, as improbable as this all seems.


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