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Black Clover (TV) Episode 14 ##BEST##

The season initially ran from October 3, 2017 to September 25, 2018 on TV Tokyo in Japan;[2][3] Avex Pictures released it on DVD and Blu-ray in five compilations (each containing nine to 11 episodes) between February 23, 2018 and January 25, 2019.[4][5] Crunchyroll and Funimation licensed the series for an English-language release, with Crunchyroll simulcasting the series worldwide[3] and Funimation producing a North American Simuldub.[6][7] Funimation's adaptation aired from December 2, 2017 through January 6, 2019 on Adult Swim's Toonami programming block,[8] and they released the first DVD and Blu-ray compilations on August 7, 2018.[9]

Black Clover (TV) Episode 14

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The first season has eight pieces of theme music: four opening and four closing themes. The first opening and closing themes (used for the first 13 episodes) are "Distant Future" (ハルカミライ, Haruka Mirai) by Kankaku Piero and "Blue Flame" (蒼い炎, Aoi Honō) by Itowokashi.[10][11] In episodes 14 to 27, the opening and closing themes are "Paint It Black" by Bish and "Amazing Dreams" by SWANKY DANK.[12][13] In episodes 28 to 39, the opening and closing themes are "Black Rover" by Vickeblanka and "Black to the dreamlight" by Empire.[14][15] For the remainder of the season, the opening and closing themes are "Guess Who Is Back" by Koda Kumi and "Four" by Faky.[16][17] Megumi Han sang "Four" as her character, Kahono, in episode 50.[18][19]

At the Black Clover Jump Festa event on December 18, 2016, an anime television series adaptation by Pierrot was announced.[41] It was directed by Tatsuya Yoshihara, with Kazuyuki Fudeyasu writing scripts, Itsuko Takeda doing character designs, and Minako Seki composing the music.[44] The series premiered on TV Tokyo on October 3, 2017.[45][46] with the first two seasons each consisting of 51 episodes.[47][48]

Season 3 premiered on October 1, 2019.[49] The anime has been broadcast without any major interruption until late April 2020, when it was announced that future episodes would be postponed based on studio production delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The broadcasting and distribution of episode 133 onward were delayed and in its place, the first episode of the series was rebroadcast on May 5, 2020;[50] the series resumed on July 7 of the same year,[51] and finished at episode 170 on March 30, 2021.[52][53]

Alex Osborn of IGN, in his review of the first episode, mentioned that its premise is not novel but concludes that it is "ultimately a solid introduction to the Clover Kingdom, and lays the groundwork for what will hopefully be an empowering story about the importance of never giving up."[119] Writing for Anime News Network, Rachel Trujillo praised the anime for "the grand lessons that one can take away from the story" and ambitious animation efforts from the staff.[120] In his review of Episode 170, Shawn Hacaga of The Fandom Post complimented the anime's improvement since its beginning, saying that he was "glad that Black Clover was able to turn it around."[121] Ivy Rose from Anime Feminist praised the way the story handles its female characters, giving them narrative importance and letting them partake in battles. Rose wrote: "Black Clover has truly raised the bar for depictions of female leaders in shounen anime, and female characters in general, as these solid portrayals are not just limited to women in leadership positions."[122]

In the last episode, the battle at Jaku City ends, as Shigaraki successfully escapes with the help of his Nomus. Deku is not fully satisfied, as he could not eradicate the villain. All For One promised to get back once again as soon as Shigaraki recovered and regain his strength.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 14 will release on January 7, 2023. The anime series will be telecast on Local Japanese Networks like Nippon TV and Yomiuri TV. International viewers can watch the anime on various platforms like Crunchyroll and Netflix, Funimation, Hulu, DirecTV and VRV. The previous seasons are also available on the same platforms. Here are the various timings for the episodes in different countries.

This originated from a Crunchyroll article that reported on the return of Black Clover. Unfortunately, this was shared by many on social media before realising it was a return to Toonami, the TV broadcaster on June 19th, and was not new episodes for the overall series. 041b061a72


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