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Where To Buy Organic Beeswax Pellets WORK

Our beeswax pastilles possess all of the same beneficial properties as our blocks of beeswax. These pastilles, sometimes known as pellets, have a deep golden color and a honey-like aroma. The average dimension of each pastille is 3 mm.

where to buy organic beeswax pellets

That is why we are making this list of beeswax sellers for you. For each seller, we are going to share where they collect their wax from, their story, and further details such as how they package their product for purchasing, or their shipping details.

Before we get into our list, let's first talk about which beeswax is best for your project. There is a lot of discussion around what is the best beeswax, what is the difference between white and yellow raw beeswax, what is organic wax and pure wax, and more. Let's discuss these questions.

Something interesting, according to Brian Thompson, owner of Honey Lake Bee Company, be aware when purchasing pure beeswax from a seller claiming it is "organic beeswax" as it comes from imported sources.

I know it sounds crazy, but USA laws do not allow us to claim our beeswax as "organic". USDA regulations state that because honey bees travel 2-3 miles from their hive, EVERYTHING within their range has to be organic - impossible in the USA. However, wax coming from foreign sources can make the claim (no verification needed) and be labeled as "organic".

Beeswax pellets are tiny, hardened pieces of wax that look like small droplets. Many people like purchasing beeswax pellets (sometimes called pastilles) because they can easily scoop and measure for precise measurements sometimes required in products like lip balms and soaps.

Most beekeepers do not sell their beeswax in this form as it is more labor intensive and would rather sell in easy to pour bars or larger molds. It will be more difficult to find beeswax pellets that are directly sold by the farmer.

The raw beeswax is melted, filtered and cleaned and then is poured into molds where it is cooled and becomes a solid block, ready to ship to you to be made into candles, furniture wax, waterproofing wood and finishing your chalk painted furniture and art.

Stephanie's beeswax is cleaned and is triple filtered from her own hives when she harvests. The bees on her farm are naturally treated which means no antibiotics, drugs or non-organic chemicals are used, and they never bleach beeswax. We love this.

Beeswax has many healthy benefits as an occlusive and many makeup producers include beeswax in their produces as it seals the moisture in where it is applied. This is a key benefit to keeping lips and skin from losing moisture.

Here is a question that is asked often: where to buy beeswax near me. You can try searching your local Facebook groups if you want to find who sells beeswax close to where you are located, but here is a better idea.

We have searched the planet for the highest quality beeswax. Our wax is certified organic and supports healthy bee colonies. We work with a network of smaller apiaries that meet all of the recommendations for organic beekeeping and offer this superior wax in easy to use pellets.

With organic beeswax, you can be assured there is NO pesticide or chemical buildup in the wax. The hives reside in the middle of approximatley 16 sq mile area of organic and pristine land, ensuring the bees DO NOT come in contact with harmful chemicals or GMO's.

Beeswax pellets can be used in making lip balms and body care products. The pellets are easy to portion and melt faster than chunks of beeswax. We have both yellow and white beeswax pellets so just let us know which you prefer.

We source only the finest raw beeswax from our long-standing relationships with beekeepers throughout the United States. We carefully inspect the quality of everything we receive. Then we transform the raw beeswax into pure, clean beeswax pellets in a totally chemical free process at our own facility in South Dakota.

Our beewax are earth friendly and 100% natural and pure. They are made from premium grade beeswax. Our beezewax is extracted directly from the beehives where the bees live among the natural wildflowers. The beeswax bars are then boiled and triple filtered to ensure 100% purity. It is then tested for quality, refined into perfect size sticks and securely packaged. 041b061a72


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