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Mukta Kannada Serial Cast

daridra serial. bari sentiments. aa shambhavi antu yaavaglu nange 35 varsha anta badkptirtaale. Ella padhartakku vayasagutte. Aval gantlige gaana haaka. Abbah yelinda huduktaarappa hesrugalanna Mishra, Kataaria, naidu, reddy ante. Dabba nan makla bere hesru sigolva . Hesru nodidre kannadada tara illa aadre maatadodu sakkath olle kannada. Atleast swalpa para bhaasha accent bedva. thtuh ivar directionge ondisht benki haaka

Mukta Kannada Serial Cast

we should all be happy that the negative chracters in TNS serials have a non kannada name . . thats his edge for not hurting any kannada sirname with a negative tinge . . as a serial with acute popularity and a media that affects so many people tns has to be sure not to mess with name . . . . . . . . shambhavi is upset because her charcter demands that she be that way . . the furstration and complex psychology of awoman who is forced to tkae care of afamiy at the cost of her personAL life is difficul to even be contemplated . . . its easy for us to stupidfy everythiing in the comforts of our homes and the luxuru of even interacting over the internet . . well stark poverty and psychological oppressions are only for people who can tink beyond entertinment and look for valuabe content . . ..

lets discuss abt the new face on kannada television.. Ranjan lal mishra.. what do you think about him?.. he has acted as lawyer in mantana.. again a lawyer in malebillu.. n now in mukta mukta.. n in mumbelagu.. what do you all think about him??

2 serials at 2 different channels, but one follows another in the row. MUMBELAGU a serial based on TNS story, will be on air in KASTHURI kannada channel at 9pm from February 2nd, followed by ur favourite Muktha Muktha in ETV. U can stick 2 ur household seats to watch these 2 serials.the story is sketched by the Kannada Small Screen icon TN Seetharam

sir please do the serial with needful things like what the person faces the problem regulerly because you taken the high class court cases but take some cases like medium class family matters involved . and give some scientific reasons for cookingbecause women cooking the food with half boiled & take some cases like hospital cheating means doctors taking lot of money for cases such cases please you take it because iam kannada person so i dont know english please try to understand this wordings and do the needful

i was seeing this muktamukta serial from last 5 years. it is any other kannada serials will match or compete with this serial. seetaram sir is doing it so beautifully. it is only one serial which indicates todays political,social life style.


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