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Buy One Get One Free _VERIFIED_ Cruise Deals 2018

Kids Sail Free: Kids Sail Free provides free cruise fare for the 3rd guests and higher in a cabin. Guests must be 12 years or younger as of cruise departure date and booked in the same stateroom as the first two qualifying guests in a triple or quad-occupancy stateroom.

buy one get one free cruise deals 2018

In addition to sales on cruise fare, Royal Caribbean has also announced its Black Friday deals on Cruise Planner purchases. Drink packages, dining packages, internet, and other pre-cruise add-ons all qualify for discounts.

I recommend this travel agency for booking a Royal Caribbean cruise, and they will reprice for you during sales like this. If you are not convinced using a free travel agency right for you, read this post discussing the benefits travel agents offer.

The 2018 Cyber Monday Cruise Planner sale offered up to 40% off pre-cruise purchases, including up to 40% off drink packages, up to 25% off excursions, up to 60% off internet and 20% off specialty dining.

Kids Sail Free: Kids Sail Free provides free cruise fare for 3rd guests and higher who are 12 years old or younger as of cruise departure date, booked in the same stateroom as the first two qualifying guests in a triple or quad-occupancy stateroom.

This is all done in a grand attempt to fill the ships to capacity. Often cruise lines are successful in filling their ships. As a result, sometimes there simply are no available balcony rooms to offer when the cruise ship is sailing away. So in many instances, these balcony staterooms may be completely occupied. Hence a cabin upgrade on a cruise is just not possible, whether free or paid.

Other times you can find inside cabins, outside cabins, and balcony staterooms all at the exact same price. Of course, you choose the balcony! This is another way cruise lines use promotions to offer free balcony upgrades.

One of our favorite travel rewards credit cards is the Capital One Venture Card in which you get 2% cash back miles on all purchases to use towards any travel expenses. This includes cruise expenses and you can redeem them to get free balcony upgrades!

We again successfully used this technique more recently on our Norwegian Star cruise in which we had booked an inside cabin. The price for an outside cabin later dropped to a mere $20 per person ($40 total) more than the price of the inside we booked. So, again, we paid that meager difference but then used our miles to refund that amount, essentially giving us a free cruise cabin upgrade from an inside to an outside stateroom.

At the last update to this article, Capital One is offering a new cardmember signup bonus offer of 75,000 miles! After qualifying for the offer, you can redeem those miles to cover $750 worth of cruise expenses, such as a balcony upgrade. Check if you qualify for this Capital One Venture Card offer. It could be the key to unlocking a balcony upgrade for free!

As already discussed, it is nearly impossible these days to walk onto a cruise ship and get a free cruise cabin upgrade by inquiring with Guest Services at the pier or soon after boarding the ship. But it may still be worth trying. And there is a simple strategy you can do to increase your odds of getting an affirmative response from Guest Relations.

These aforementioned circumstances all make for available staterooms that were not available on Day 1 of the cruise itinerary. So just wait until after leaving the first port of call before asking Guest Services if there are any free cabin upgrades on the cruise that are available.

It can be a time-consuming task to sleuth out by clicking through several cruise listings and pretending to go through the purchase process in order to see their inventory of cabins. But your thorough detective work may pay off in the form of a free balcony upgrade.

To help compensate for their misfortune, Guest Relations actually gave them a free cruise cabin upgrade to a suite with a balcony, that was far away from the thumping nightclub. Undoubtedly, they slept better.

We wish you the best of luck in your search for a free cruise cabin upgrade and hope one of these methods may work out to get you out of that small inside cabin and into that sought-after balcony stateroom.

that was interesting, when my mum book a cruise of pacific encounter for 7th june this year, i found a deal 2 people pay + 2 free deal and immedately told mum to check this deal out and we giot it booked and save $900 which is what we want, paid half the fares and still waiting for the cabin number, is this a good chance we may have an upgraded cabin later on?

We received one of these books on our Royal Princess cruise in January 2018. We only used the BOGO for speciality dining coupon. No fine print other than it had to be on embarkation evening. We had no problem securing reservations that evening, gave the coupon to our waiter when we were seated and were only charged for one dinner. There was an expiration date on it for December 31, 2018.

Each tier level comes with perks and discounts; once you make it to the second tier, Prime, and beyond, you also get a comped cruise at the end of the current program year. Prime members, for example, earn a comped inside cabin and also get free drinks at the casino bar on every cruise as soon as the level is reached.

The booking window is narrow on these offers. Facebook casino friends had warned that rooms allotted for casino comps can disappear quickly, so I started my search for a cruise as soon as the first offer arrived. Again, my goal was to keep the cruise as "free" as possible.

I am a Diamond Crown and Anchor member with Royal Caribbean, which comes with four free drinks per day, so I did not spend extra on alcohol. Diamond C&A members also receive one free 24-hour period of Wi-Fi per person. We could have used that benefit for each of the two sea days and reverted to cell service in port in Mexico, which is free on my wireless plan, but Royal Caribbean was aware I was on board and supplied complimentary Wi-Fi for the duration of the cruise, something it sometimes does for media members.

It pays to be a CAC member! Members get free and discounted admission to the CAC year-round, free tickets to public walking tours, an annual buy-one-get-one-free river cruise ticket benefit, priority access to the annual Open House Chicago festival and much more.

Perhaps you wait for calls from your trusty travel agent, or maybe you're a tiger when it comes to prowling the internet for low fares. You might book your cruise right when the brochure is first published, or you might bide your time until two weeks before sailing for those juicy last-minute cruise deals. But have you explored all the possible ways of nabbing that steal?

Last-minute cruise deals are a tough find in the most popular seasons and routes, especially if you want your pick of cabins. Summer travel and school holiday periods book up early, particularly for cabins that sleep three or more and are in demand by families traveling together.

Repositioning cruise deals, whether transatlantic or something less dramatic like ships moving into and out of Alaska, are some of the lowest cost per night/per person deals available. The second best deals are often those sailing on dates just outside the peak seasons of popular destinations. This might mean picking April or late September as the month to visit Alaska, March as your best bet to sail the Mediterranean and October for your Caribbean cruise -- before or after the summer swell of family vacations. In addition to low prices, you'll encounter fewer crowds. On the flip side, the weather might not be as ideal for sightseeing.

Don't have the time to obsessively watch cruise pricing like stockbrokers watch the Wall Street ticker? Cruise Critic rounds up deals across tons of major cruise lines and popular destinations, as well as last-minute cruise deals. These are accompanied by a Deal Score, which uses pricing data along with onboard credits, flight discounts, food and drink package deals and more. It's easy to use: The higher the Deal Score, the better the deal.

Booking a cruise for a group might get you the ultimate cruise deal: Free berths. For instance, book seven or more double-occupancy cabins on Norwegian Cruise Line, and for every 10 passengers booked, one passenger can cruise for free. Keep in mind that each cruise line has its own threshold for groups. Some lines consider 10 guests (five cabins) to be a group, while others require 16 guests (eight cabins).

Though not as exciting as sailing free when you book a large group, small group perks are out there too. Throughout the year, many cruise lines offer promotions that include free cruise fare for third and fourth passengers booked in the same cabin. Watch for the deals that also include those passengers in bonus offerings like drink packages or prepaid gratuities.

Are guarantee cabins on cruises really deals? A cabin guarantee, which basically means you're assured to get a cabin in the category specified -- or better -- means you can't choose your exact stateroom. And for giving up that privilege, many lines discount guaranteed cabin bookings about 50 to 100 per person off the advertised fares.

Frequent cruisers, like frequent fliers, can benefit from brand loyalty. Sticking with one line means earning perks like nightly cocktails in private lounges, free laundry, complimentary dinners in alternative restaurants, cabin upgrades and even free cruises once you've earned enough "credits." Past passengers can also take advantage of special discounted sailings throughout the year or be entitled to book new itineraries before the public can, often turning your cruise dreams into affordable cruise deals.

Because agents often book in bulk and work directly with the lines, they have access to deals that normal cruisers don't. Cruise lines will offer their top agencies special discounts that the agents can't promote on their websites, so even if you see a good deal online, it's best to talk to a real person and ask for the best fare. 041b061a72


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